Frosty Evening

Two Deer in frost1-web

Copyright © 2018 Jack Blair Photographer

I was out and about, looking for images to show off the beautiful, heavy frost that we had just after Christmas.  I found many scenes, but when I came across these two young bucks, I was able to add something special.

When I drove around the corner on the backroad, these two were sparring with their heads locked together and pushing at each other.  A scene common when rutting is going on, but these two were very young and I think they were just practicing.  They could be brothers.  As soon as I stopped and got out of the car, they stopped sparring and became very interested in what I was up to.

I’m going to make a large print out of this to give a feeling of the open space I saw that evening.  I’ll add it to my '15 Minutes from Home' body of work.