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Forest Carpet

July 3, 2010

Ideas worthy of this page have not come easily this week.  Not that I had to struggle to write something down, in fact, I’ve written far too much.  What I have been struggling with is an overactive left brain that has been stimulated with my management consulting work.  This work has been especially stressful during the past month.

My thoughts were coming out as lessons, stories of behaviour in organisations, ideas for handling ‘change’, and other general nonsense of no consequence to my self-promised future of artistic creativity.

Then I went for a hike in the mountains.

I could sense a rebalance of my thought processes, like an accident victim who is trying to learn to walk again when a leg cast is removed.  After forty-plus years of left-brain focus in my chosen career, that part of me is ready to take over at any time.  I just have to call upon it briefly and, like any playground bully, it takes control, not collaboratively, but egotistically.  An ego driven by years of experience.

I hope I can regain the balance in my creative thought processes that I had a year ago.  That is the future me that I want.