Searching for the Art

                                                               Creek Collage, Bow Valley, Alberta

August 8, 2010

Sometimes the eye and brain disconnect, artistically speaking.  The artistic eye sees potential for a bit of art on paper and the cognitive brain recognises it.  The challenge then is to inspire the creative mind to make something two-dimensional that captures the vision and emotion of the scene. 

Knowing there is something there, the artist keeps returning, redoes the previous work, looks for new images, changes view point, changes colours, or maybe works in black and white.  Painters and photographers alike often face such challenges.

I’ve been going through this for the last month.  There is a valley in the mountains that is almost spiritual in the feeling it creates within me.  I want to translate that feeling into a photograph, but so far, no luck.  I’ve taken some cliché photographs and even a few ‘pretty’ ones, but none that reflect the way I feel when I’m there.

I will continue with the challenge and keep returning to the valley.  Maybe I will have to wait for the winter to arrive to add the dimension of snow and ice.  Time will tell.