Tree Life

June 12, 2010

The beautiful, old birch in our front yard has succumbed to some dreaded lurgi and we’ll have to put it out of its misery.  Some 25 years ago when the tree was in peak condition, one of its limbs had grown over the sidewalk creating a hazard so I cut off the offending branch.  As the branch fell to the ground I looked up to see my seven year old son in tears.  He said he didn’t understand why I had to destroy a living thing.  I tried to explain that the tree was so healthy and happy that it could survive without one (very small) branch, but I’m not sure I had any effect on his opinion of Dad at that moment.

Here we are these many years later and I’m the one holding back tears.  Some of my emotions arise because we are losing an old friend, while others stem from the sight of a beautiful, white cloaked birch with its crown looking like a man losing his hair yet trying so hard to make it look otherwise.  In both cases, a pathetic sight.

We won’t completely loose our landmark.  A stump will remain with a bird bath on top, inviting life to our front yard.  I hope this helps the spirit of the Blair birch to remain.