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2024 Begins

A 2024 sunrise over Cochrane

So it begins—here we go again.  The door has opened to 2024 and, as usual, I know little about what I will actually do in the year, and much about what I plan to do.  They never work out to be the same, but that keeps life interesting, eh?

For the first time in a long time I’m starting 2024 with some trepidation about the following:

  • The ongoing wars and potential for others.

  • The high level of indebtedness of Western World countries.

  • The lack of moisture in our part of the world creating the likelihood of more forest fires.

Then there is the big one,

  • I’m turning 80 years old this year!

I’ll be trying to improve my photography and my writing, spending time with family, all whilst trying to keep fit.  My wife and I will do some travelling, but it won’t be far.  Our limits will probably be Saskatchewan to the east and British Columbia to the west.

Generally I’m looking forward to 2024.

Cochrane continues to grow both in population and housing.  I wish it could stay as it is, but the future is promising more growth in Canada’s so I’ll have to adjust my feelings about the inevitable.



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Jan 23

I can't come up with anything clever, but I'm impressed with the beautiful sunrise over Cochrane.



Cornelis van de Panne
Cornelis van de Panne
Jan 18

None of the Christmas cards we received mentioned “Peace on Earth” though this would be more suitable than ever before.

Indebtedness is peanuts compared with Wars and Climate Change.

Even though the future looks bleak and the weather is inhospitable I would like you to follow the poet Rumi’s advice later this year:

The morning wind spreads its fresh smell.

We must get up and take that in,

that wind that lets us live.

Breathe before it’s gone.


Jan 14

Happy 2024… we all hope😊


Robert MacLeod
Robert MacLeod
Jan 05

Be positive Jack & yours will be a sunny year!😉 Bob

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