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My Favourite Photographs of 2022

I'm now wondering why I haven't done this in past years—that is, create a small, personal collection of my photographs of the past year. I think I'll plan on it going forward.

This video is about 12 minutes long. I hope you will enjoy it.

As I perused all my images from 2022 I noticed that I hadn't worked on many what I call fine art images. Most of mine had to do with larger projects that I 've been working on. There are two that I hope to finish in the next 6 months and I'll publish them, somehow, on this site.

The other group of images from 2022 are related to family and our travels. I've already published my writing and images about our two longer trips of 2022:

Another thing that I noticed is that much of my subject material will appear to the observer as horticulture and ambiance, which you'll see in the video. In fact, for me, those images have to do with my own emotions and memories. Sometimes such images trigger emotions and memories in others and that is wonderful.

I hope you enjoy my short video.



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Apr 04, 2023

Thanks for this, Dad. Great images! and I liked the presentation. I'm a little biased since my son was playing for it, but...


Mar 06, 2023

The colors, the beautiful nature photos - and your voice explaining it all - it made my evening!!


Feb 12, 2023

Beautiful collection, Jack. I watched this this morning with my coffee and it was so tranquil.

A lovely walk with your photography. The young Blair piano player was a great ending.

Thanks, Jack. I enjoyed this immensely.



Feb 03, 2023

I just tried to send as a member but it refused my STRONG PASSWORD. I also don’t see the comment I just tried to send, a few minutes ago. Probably because it refused my password.


Feb 02, 2023

Excellent presentation!

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