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Nothing New, but...

One morning last week, while walking with our men’s walking group, my eye caught a scene that had an immediate impact on me.

At first I was confused. Since when does a ray of sunlight shining on a hill give me such a good feeling? Then, as I looked to the skies and scanned to the west, I saw the grey of the sky and the smoke from the forest fires to the north and I knew.

Since early July the atmospherics have kept the clear blue skies and views of the mountains out of sight. I’ve found it all discouraging. Then, that morning, the sun found a crack in the veneer of greyness and it lifted my spirits. The skies above were grey, but closer to the ground the sun ignited that hill with light.

As I enjoyed the feeling, I thought, that’s a good image with a story. The panic started, as often these little flickers of brilliant light are fickle and disappear as quickly as they came. The ray of sun did become obliterated again, but not before I was able to make this photograph.

Nothing new, but my goodness it was a ‘good feeling’ moment that lasted the rest of the day.

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