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More 'Little' Moments

Afternoon Scotch in hand, I walked to my favourite chair in the living room. I leaned over to put my drink on the end table, which sits in the middle, between chairs, and isn’t an end of anything. As I lowered myself into my chair, I looked across the room and saw this scene. It made me pause my busy mind. I thought, how inviting and peaceful. The bright sun shining through the open blinds made me forget about the new snow lying on the ground outside. Once again I had a thought, spawned by my cardiac event of last January. If my life trauma at that time had not gone well, I wouldn’t be present to witness this peaceful, seemingly inconsequential scene. Ever since January I value these little moments that I used to ignore, as they filled the time between the seemingly exciting and significant moments of my life.

As my eyes followed the lines of light on the wall they came to a photograph of mine that has hung in that place since we moved in nine years ago. I remembered the walk with my friend Jim through Griffith Woods back in 2010. That’s where I took the image thinking it was another, ordinary winter scene. But when I did significant post processing I made a print that I now think is anything but ordinary. It makes me feel good every time I look at it, which is almost every day.

Winter Trail in Griffith Woods

I took a sip of my gold coloured drink, put down the book I was planning on reading, and contemplated what had just happened. After a few seconds thought I knew what it was—once again, I am grateful for being alive. I had witnessed yet another moment that I may never have had in my life, simple as it was. Of course, that can be the same for anybody, but my cardiac event has made me treasure more than I could ever have expected, this and so many other small moments I’ve experienced since last January.



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